13 October 2021

School Pop Quiz: When Is The Best Time To Recruit Teachers?

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School Pop Quiz: When Is The Best Time To Recruit Teachers?

Pop quiz time, Simply style, with an important question.

When is the best time for schools to recruit teachers? 

For The Record, Early, Often, and Year-Round.


  • Most Teachers find placement with a prospective school before July 1st. 
  • Potential applicant's responsiveness decline by up to 60% going into the fall.
  • Rushed hires lead to less productive teachers, unsatisfied teachers students, and lower scores.

Now That We Know The Challenges What Can Be Done?


  • Constant Recruiting. Recruiting is a year-round art and should be a core focus of any school.
  • Applicant Tracking and Ease of Applying. An Olympic-sized talent pool of potential teachers should be at any school's fingertips. Also, let's make it easy for teachers to join your team with a simple applicant tracking system
  • Make a great first impression. From interview preparation to offer letters to seamless onboarding, sell your school to your future teachers.
  • Have the ability to speak to the four generations of teachers in the workplace today: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Z, and Millennials.
  • Salary & Employee Benefits Benchmarking. Don't be in the dark about what your Charter School peers or the DOE are offering your future and current teaching superstars.

Schools always do more with less and we'd like to help. We recommend working with all available resources, including SimplyPEO, to get the right teachers for your school in front of the future leaders of tomorrow.


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Anthony Laporte
Anthony Laporte
Anthony Laporte is President and Managing Champion of SimplyPEO (formally BCC, Inc). Anthony is a team builder, HR outsourcing industry advocate, and business development consultant that has helped hundreds of organizations create operational efficiencies via outsourcing.

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